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Be Heard Audiology

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Hearing Tests

Adult & Paediatric diagnostic hearing assessment

Tests of all ages and degree of hearing loss, recommendations for management and appropriate referrals for treatment options

Hearing Aids

Hearing aid sales, servicing or adjustments

Evaluation advice, fitting adjustments and servicing of all international brands, FDA approved hearing aids and assistive listening devices for all ages and all price ranges

Wax removal

Manual removal can be performed with a lighted curette or irrigation (performed with a tested pressure and saline sterile solution)

Tinnitus Evaluations

Assessment and evaluation of tinnitus and to assist those who suffer from tinnitus with options for treatment and coping strategies


Assessment of the balance system to assist with diagnosis and management of imbalance related to inner ear dysfunction


  A range of auditory processing assessment and interventions to facilitate language development and learning.

Wondering if you really do need to see an audiologist? Complete this hearing test either in a quite room or listening to the test through a set of ear phones. Allow your test results to indicate if a visit would be beneficial.


How well are you hearing?

Think about these everyday listening situations and how they affect you. This short questionnaire can help provide insight about your hearing and if you might want to seek a professional hearing evaluation.

1.Do you find that people around you mumble or speak low?

2.Do you find it difficult to follow a conversation in larger gatherings or when there is background noise?

3.Do you often miss conversations on the phone? Do you need to turn up the volume on the radio or TV?

4.Do you ask family and friends to repeat themselves?

5.Do you need to look directly at people to understand what they are saying?

6.Have you noticed that everyday sounds, like birds, footsteps, and your car blinker have disappeared?

7. Are you finding  that you isolating yourself from social environments because you struggling to hear?

8. Are you not aware of which direction sounds are coming from?

If you have answered YES to 2 or more of these questions a Diagnostic Audiological test would be recommended.

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