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We offer a wide range of hearing related services to suite your needs

Adult & Paediatric diagnostic hearing assessments

Tests of all ages and degree of hearing loss, recommendations for management and appropriate referrals for treatment options

Hearing aid sales, servicing or adjustments

Evaluation advice, fitting adjustments and servicing of all international brands, FDA approved hearing aids and assistive listening devices for all ages and all price ranges.

Mini Service station

  This is a FREE service offered by BE HEARD to ensure patients are assisted with any maintenance on their devices to always be “Switched on”and hearing at all times. Our Imported suction machinery allows for excess moisture to be removed from internal parts of the devices


Often helpful in identifying if fluid is present behind the middle ear. Assistive to identify if medication and treatment for middle ear infection has been effective.


Sleep / Swim Plugs

Useful in preventing  lack of sleep or concentration and can serve to prevent swimmers / surfers ear.

New born / Neonatal  Hearing Screening

Assessment of new born babies hearing at birth. We advise the test is scheduled before 6 weeks of age due to the noise sensitivity of the test. It is preferred to have the testing done at our practice due to better lower environment noise levels. The screening allows for early intervention and improved outcomes for those with permanent hearing loss

Tinnitus and Vertigo balance assessment

Assessment and evaluation of tinnitus and to assist those who suffer from tinnitus with options for treatment and coping strategies

Assessment of the balance system to assist with diagnosis and management of imbalance related to inner ear dysfunction

Wax removal

Manual removal can be performed with a lighted curette or irrigation (performed with a tested pressure and saline sterile solution). It is advised to book a short ottoscopic observation for 5 minutes at no cost for the Audiologist to advise on a treatment plan before wax can be removed. Please call reception to book this.

Customer Testimonials

“I thought I could hear, but I couldn’t. My son insited I see Bronwyn who proved it. Bron made the process pleasant, and advised me as to which aid to choose, that would do the job without costing an arm and a leg. I recommend Be Heard to all my friends!”

Derek Bath

“The team at Be Heard are amazing and caring. Right from booking my first appointment till the bi-annual check.”
Sara Blankenship


“My name is Richard Burnand -I retired to Salt Rock some 6 years ago. My love of music ( loud ) and especially my career – making laboratory grown gems  diamonds at super high pressures and temperatures,  directly led to my hearing loss. It crept up on me ‘ like weeds in a garden ‘. First I missed a few words or misheard words. Then it progressed ( or deteriorated ) to missing door chimes and especially cellphone calls from friends and family. Not to be taken lightly. Stage 3 I call The Goldfish Bowl. Words die in the air, silence is deafening and you start to feel lonely. Your vocabulary consists of ‘Hi, Bye and What?’ Vanity, also, puts you off going for a hearing test and purchasing as well as wearing hearing aids.

I have been helped so much by Bronwyn Hein and Be Heard audiology. I now love hearing the chatter of my grandchildren, tweets and twitters of birds, ordering a sizzling steak- hearing it and enjoying eating it too. My life has been especially enriched by being able to distinctly hear conversations with my wife Jane and a great bunch of friends we have in Ballito. I’m no longer in the Goldfish bowl. I’m no longer self conscious about having hearing aids- they are like having binoculars for my ears. Hearing matters.

I’m extremely grateful to Bronwyn for improving the quality of my life’s rich tapestry.”

Richard Burnand

Does your child need an audiology assesment?

Does your child struggle with the following: In need of speech therapy or remedial lessons at school Auditory Processing problems Poor school performance Difficulty producing certain sounds Difficulty understanding instructions and forming sentences Delayed talking for his/her age Difficulty interacting with others and having conversations Developmental speech and language disorder resulting from disorders such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Difficulties at birth, time spent in Newborn Intesive Care Unit at birth

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