Meet the Team


  Bronwyn Hein 

Captain and navigator of this Be Heard vessel. Avid ear nerd, lover of all things that work efficiently and am ecstatic in seeing quality of life restored through sound. After being in Audiology for 12 years I still can’t say I know it all. Each new patient I meet excites me to gain more knowledge and research in our field. I love that we strive to go above and beyond with all that we do at Be Heard. Without my team, I would be a brain and heart without my limbs and body. My favourite sound would have to be the call of a fish eagle ( now that’s euphoria captured in a sound).


Caitlin Denton

My name is Caitlin, but everyone calls me Cait. I am the new addition to the Be Heard Team and am so excited to be in this new chapter. I completed my community service year in 2020 after obtaining a 4 year bachelors degree in Audiology from the University of Pretoria.I enjoy the company of other people and making others happy makes me happy. Kindness is key to the way I live life and working at Be Heard Audiology means I can practice with kindness.I have a passion for babies and children. Children are full of joy and I believe as adults, we have a lot to learn from children and the way they see the world.I am fascinated by the brain, so auditory processing assessment and intervention is my main field of interest.My favorite sound is the sound of the ocean. I also love hearing joyfilled laughter.

Ashika Moonsamy 

I am a compassionate and humble person who  loves helping others and stands firm on my  Christian belief structure. I Started working at Be Heard in 2018. I enjoy working at Be Heard as I am able to work amongst people who are passionate about what they do. We are able to assist the young, the old and families to  cope with their hearing related issues which brings much joy to myself. I enjoy being able to provide patients with the necessary knowledge and options in order to meet their personal requirements. We at Be Heard are always learning in resources and knowledge, be it in our Newborn Hearing screening to balance assessment. My favourite sound has to be the joy heard  when one of our younger patients experienced sound for the first time after being deaf from birth. I will never forget that moment of pure happiness.